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RT @GarethBale11: Tough being unable to play tonight.. Atmosphere is electric #halamadrid #vamos http://t.co/GrY49iFfQd

— Andy Molina (@an_monk) October 25, 2014

RT @ItsJustNorah: for the On the Road Again Tour the boys shouldn't have a opening act instead they should just play the video diaries

— Steal my boys (@wetliampayne) October 25, 2014

RT @GarethBale11: Tough being unable to play tonight.. Atmosphere is electric #halamadrid #vamos http://t.co/GrY49iFfQd

— Esteban G. (@Loteban) October 25, 2014

RT @MLBFanCave: INCREDIBLE play by @KFP48! #WorldSeries http://t.co/auNsbrLgJ8

— Pillo Trejos (@PilloTrejos) October 25, 2014

RT @UberFacts: "Lego" comes from the Danish phrase "leg godt," which means "play well".

— Laura (@lau_vargas) October 25, 2014

#NFL http://t.co/6ZftpAOA2A This is useful info for those who like to play Fantasy Football

— Diego Garro Charpent (@Daltonik) October 25, 2014

Ease my mind. Play that song again, cause we were in love.

— Who? (@LisBM) October 24, 2014

FREE TO PLAY----FREE TO WIN ******************** This Weeks Winner will receive an amazing prize from ----------... http://t.co/L41rZcQILU

— TicoToGo (@TicoToGo) October 24, 2014

Google Play me está recomendando que descargue la app de Scruff. Mucho cuidado ahí. Google es del diablo.

— Yamilt A. (@yxmxlt) October 24, 2014

Empiezo a creer que ese anuncio del Triple-Play de #CableTica con el Porcio da Ébola... Cada vez que lo pasan me dan nauseas

— Frank (@FrankT_S) October 24, 2014

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist http://t.co/2xs7JaEwNZ How to play Between You and Me by DC Talk on Guitar (Instructional

— Diego Armando (@diego_armand2) October 24, 2014

""► Dale play a la vida ▌▌ Pausa los buenos momentos ■ Detén las tristezas ◄◄ Repite las alegrías ►► Y Camina hacia adelante..""

— jorgezunigaguiltres (@jorgeguiltres) October 24, 2014

RT @scrappy: Why do they have to write "if this is Justin Bieber" in this article. Like he can't play hockey.Hes Canadian people! http://t.…

— Ashly Araya (@asharaya7) October 24, 2014

Help the Smurfs build a village to call home! Play on iOS and Android. @BeelineGames #SmurfsVillage http://t.co/jPximXMinY

— Rommel (@RoVeO5) October 24, 2014

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